A new world is the first episode of Unlimited Chaos.

Story Edit

Sonic is resting on the grass, until his best friend Tails came. The arch-rival of the both, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, wasn't active for a while. Because Sonic finds it strange, Tails took his plane, the Tornado. They flew up to Eggman's base. It could also be that he has secret plans.

In Tokyo, a city on the Earth, in Japan, just went a girl named Usagi with her friend Ami out of school and were planning to eat ice cream. But Usagi's third friend, Rei felt something strange. When they were all gathered in the temple, they already knew that it could be a new enemy perhaps. Usagi, Rei, Ami, and the other two girlfriends, Makoto and Minako knew they must fight again.

Meanwhile, Doctor Eggman got a letter whose sender is unknown. He found in his machine a new power that he could use for his robot.

As Sonic has arrived at the base, Eggman began to send robots to Sonic. As Sonic all destroyed, Eggman opened a portal to another world, and wants to escape with his new power then. He went through the portal, and Sonic followed him and landed in Tokyo.