Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Dream (美少女戦士セーラー・ドリーム?) is a series created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

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Yumekawa Yozora (夢川夜空?) / Sailor Dream (セーラー・ドリーム?) - The main protagonist of the series. Yozora is an introvert who loves to sing and dance however, is too shy to perform in front of others. Despite this, Yozora has a passionate heart and cares for everyone. After meeting Elin and gaining the Sailor Commune, Yozora can transform into Sailor Dream, the Sailor Guardian of Dreams who controls the power of the sky. Her theme color is blue.

Amamiya Kokoro (天宮心?) / Sailor Heart (セーラー・ハート?) - A girl in Yozora's class, Kokoro is an energetic girl and Yozora's best friend. She tends to pull pranks on her classmates and is very bad at studying so she often has Yozora or Emiru help her, mostly in maths or science. After gaining the Sailor Commune, Kokoro can transform into Sailor Heart, the Sailor Guardian of Love who controls the power of light. Her theme color is pink.

Hikawa Emiru (日川えみる?) / Sailor Stella (セーラー・ステラ?) - The student council president of Oozorakawa Middle School, Emiru is usually called the school's "princess" and is very popular. However, she hates being popular and being treated like a princess and therefore wants to be treated like a normal person. After gaining the Sailor Commune, Emiru can transform into Sailor Stella, the Sailor Guardian of Elegance who controls the power of the stars. Her theme color is yellow.

Fujiwara Jenn (藤原ジェン?) / Sailor Magica (セーラー・マジカ?) - Yozora's step sister, Jenn is an inspiring model but is also quite timid. Despite this, Jenn hates those who tease and bully, and will do anything to protect anyone that has been affected by this sort of behaviour. However, this usually happens with Yozora. After gaining the Sailor Commune, Jenn can transform into Sailor Magica, the Sailor Guardian of Courage who controls the power of magic. Her theme color is purple.