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The Story : After the ultimate battle against King Evilroot ( an alien plant like man who calls himself the root of all evil ), where Sailor Moon sacrificed the fution of her Pure Heart Crystal,Dream Mirror and Life Force Seed,Serena : Sailor Moon slowly dies in the arm's of the her infant daughters father, Serena's husband Darien : Tuxedo Mask. Five years later, Serena came back to life, but she was not the same goofy airhead We all know and love soo much. She was cold. She was heartless. She was..... Dark.As Dark Sailor Moon,Serena was the biggest threat the world has ever known, and it will take everything that the other Sailor Scouts have to revert their old friend and true team leader back to normal once and for all. ____________________________________________________________________ APPEARANCE : Her hair, boots, gloves and dress shirt are all black, her eye color is a glowing blood red, her skirt and ribbon are a dark grey and her Dark Moon Locket is both red and black. ____________________________________________________________________ SWORN ENEMY : Molly : Sailor Earth ( Color : brown ) ____________________________________________________________________ NOTE : Five year old Renee won't become the new Sailor Mini Moon ( like her future namesake before her ) until she is 7-10 year's old.

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