This is the story of the Guardian Solar System Sailor Senshi.

Episode 1, Guardian Solar System Sailor Moon's/Usagi's POVEdit


The moon dosen't look like the best place to live, but it is to me! I am so excited to get accepted into Sailor Senshi High, but I haven't got any email. "When is it going to pop out yet?!" I screamed. I stared into my window and sighed. Then something popped in my email. It's the letter! It said "You've got accepted into Sailor Senshi High!" Yes! So I transported my self. "Teleport!"

Sailor Senshi HighEdit

I arrived at Sailor Senshi High. When I took a step forward, BAM! I crashed into a girl with blue hair that is a few above her shoulders and blue eyes. "Hi, I'm Ami." She said as I got up. "Hi, I'm Usagi."