Cambion (Half-Demon)




22 (Physically, Moon)
40-41 (Earth)








Serena/Sailor Moon (Daughter)
Kane(Older Son)
Queen Serenity (Wife)
Able(Younger Son)
Ignis (Father)
Kane (Grandson)
Rini/Sailor Mini-Moon (Grand daughter)
Sailor Galaxia (Former lover)
Vladimir (Illegitimate Son)

King Dunkel is a Cambion (Half-Demon)  and native from the planet Nemesis and the King of the Moon Kingdom. He is the son of the powerful Demon Lord Ignis and father of Kane, Serena and Able as well as the husband of Queen Serenity. He is mostly known as the Dark Knight of the Moon Kingdom.


Durring his youth, Dunkel was a rebellious young man, but became a good humored man of regality and sophisticationan.  He is also an honorable, honest and wise warrior. He was the first to realize that his people were nothing more than puppets to his father, Ignis. He is also fell in love with Serenity.


King Dunkel has white  brushed down hair, red eyes and has a very handsome face. He mostly wears black and red aristocratic outfits. On Earth he looks almost the same, save for a beard and a trench coat.

Powers, Skills and EquipmentEdit

King Dunkel is a skilled and powerful swordsman that his even his power is enough to defeat even his own father Ignis. His dark powers and armor forms appear demonic in appearance. He was also the first to invent guns. He also uses the Sword of Nemesis, the eternal symbol of the planet.


  • The character bears similiarties to Sparda from Devil May Cry, being the son of the protagonist as well as a legendary dark knight of demonic origin. Unlike Sparda however, Dunkel's personaility and history is alot more known and plays a much huger role.
  • Unlike his wife, he plays a huge role in the series, appearing as the first Tuxedo Mask, then later assisting his children and the Scouts in fighting Shadow Galaxia.
  • While Dunkel plays the role of a gentelmen and a dashing warrior, he shares his son's sarcastic sense of humor,  though less vulger and more witty in manner .