This page list every single Sailor Senshi which appears in the Sailor Moon spin-off series, Pretty Guardian: Sailor Mariposa

Sailor SenshiEdit

Inner Senshi Edit

Leader of the Sailor Senshi. She utilizes the power of scented winds and has a butterfly as her symbol. Her theme colors are lavender and pale pink, and her primary weapon is the Nectar Staff.
Sailor Senshi of Swans and similar birds, like: egrets, storks ect. She weilds the power of ice, and her theme colors are white and indigo. Her symbols are a swan and wing. 
Sailor Senshi of fireflies, who utilizes the power of starlight and her theme colors are violet and yellow. Her symbol is a firefly and her primary weapons are the Lightning Rod and Bug Rod. 
Sailor Senshi of both wolves and dogs, in addition to other canids. Her symbol is a paw and she utilizes the power of earth in addition to rocks. 

Outer Senshi Edit

Sailor Senshi of unicorns and other fictional creatures. Her symbol is a unicorn and her main theme color is white, with additions of pale pink, lavender, lime and silver. She utilizes the power of magic and rainbows.