Erica as Sailor Cherry

Here's a pic!!

Sailor Cherry is a Sonic OC/Sailor Moon character. Her name is Erica the Seedrian, in desguise of a human, her name is Erica Sakura (sakura is cherry blossom in Japanese).


She cries "Cherry Imagination Powers! Make Up!" She then transforms in this order: shoes, skirt, top, gloves, head. Her pose is her on one leg with her hands at her sides (but coming out a little), and the cherries at the sides at her head levitate.


Her outfit resembles the original Sailor Scout outfit, but her locket is her usual seedrian amulet, the top of the dress is pink, it has a yellow waist, her skirt is white with red design on the bottom, her bow is yellow as well as the design of her gloves and on the collar. Her tiara is gold with a pink jewel on it.


  • Berry Blossom Blast! BOOM!

She shoots cherry blossoms from her tiara. The blossoms are razor sharp.

  • Seedrian Shine Shower! SPARKLE!

A magic glitter rains from the sky, dealing some damage but mainly paralyzing the enemy/opponent.

  • Unleash the Power! BLOOM!!

Like she does as a normal seedrian, and transforms into a more powerful version of herself using her amulet (see Super Sailor Cherry)

  • Unleash the Darkness! HAUNT!!

A lot like Unleash the Power! BLOOM!, but it gives her darker versions of her usual powers (see Phantomess Sailor Cherry)

  • Unleash the Ultimate! STRENGTHEN!!

Turns her into a combination of Phantomess and Super Sailor Cherry, but using this form comes with grave results (See Ultra Sailor Cherry)

Other FormsEdit

  • Super Sailor Cherry

A more powerful version of herself, increasing her powers by the hundred fold

  • Phantomess Sailor Cherry

A darker version of herself, darkening her powers and giving them poisoning abilities

  • Ultra Sailor Cherry

A strange combination of Super and Phantomess, causing her to be more powerful than any other form of Sailor Scout (not counting Sailor Moon's Serenity form). She cannot transform into this, however, because using this form drains a sizeable amount of her life.

  • Erica the Seedrian

Her usual form. It also has powers, but she gets different powers as a Scout.

  • Erica Sakura

Her human desguise. By changing into a human, she can hide in front of people right in front of their eyes (see Cherry Desguise Pen).


  • Tiara

Her tiara shoots cherry blossoms when she uses Berry Blossom Blast! BOOM! Other than that, there's not much to say.

  • Cherry Desguise Pen

Her friend Punk created special pens for all four of the Sonic OC Scouts to use. They use the pens to turn into humans.