Sailor Cobalt Python is a Sailor Senshi who is a member of Sailor Animamates. She comes from the planet Sera, and was well, until it was brought under Galaxia's control. Unlike other Animamates, her death has not been done by Galaxia.

Story Edit

After Tin Nyanko died, cobalt Python was, besides Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, the last of the Animamates. She was also the first who brought a real star Crystal to Galaxia. During Heavy Metal Papillion had to look after the star crystals, cobalt Python has been searching for new star crystals. One day, when she was involved in the fight against Sailor Moon, she defeated almost Sailor Moon. But at the last moment came the Starlights, and with their skills, and Sailor Moon's love could defeat Cobalt Python. She fled, but was not paying attention, and fell into a ravine. She could still save herself, but her bracelets broke. That resulted in the death of cobalt Python.