Sailor Moon FUTURE (commonly known as Sailor Moon F by fans) is the first season of the spin-off of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon - FUTURE.

The plot follows Chibiusa, now a guardian and older sister, who has to save her kidnapped mother and control her fear of battling a force stronger then Eternal Sailor Moon ever was.

(PLEASE NOTE NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. I DO NOT OWN SAILOR MOON OR THESE CHARACTERS (save for the ones with this next to them: m)

Plot Edit

Coming soon.

Characters Edit

Many of the original characters return, but new ones are introduced as well.

Princess Small Lady "Chibiusa" Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Neo Moon

Chisana Wakusei/Sailor Ceres

Hana Boruno/Sailor Pallas

Nochokyo "Chokyo" Shikemino/Sailor Vestas

Fureki Shiberu/Sailor Juno

Neo Queen Serenity

King Endymion

Princess Little Lady "Kousagi" Tsukino/Sailor Abyss

More to be added.

Reception Edit

The series was well received by fans, having over 100,000 viewers on it's premiere night. When announced, Naeoko Takeuchi (who was at the center at the time) stated the crowd "cheered so loud my eardrums nearly burst into flame".

Around 300,000 copies of the blu-ray DVDs were sold along with other large amounts of merchandise. The actresses became well known due to their roles in the show.

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to Nochokyo's nickname "Chokyo" sounding a lot like "Tokyo", fansubbers actually thought this was true, and it even was stated on the official Sailor Moon Wiki until Crunchyroll's subs came out.
  • Kousagi is canon.
  • Ironically, Hana's name means "Flower Ball", despite Chisana being the one to control flowers and Hana the one to control bubbles, or 'balls'.