Aino Tenshi
Aino Tenshi
Personal Info
SeriesSailor Moon Second Moon
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
RelativesSailor Venus (Mother)
SeiyuuMiyama Karin
Sailor Guardian Info
NameSailor Venus
Power(s)Love and Beauty
Or by her human alias Aino Tenshi is the new Sailor Venus. She is the daughter of Aino Manako/Sailor Venus and the new Sailor Senshi of Love and Beauty. Her theme color is orange.

Appearance Edit

She wears an orange Senshi dress with dark blue colored ribbons. She has long, dark brown hair and light blue eyes.

Powers Edit

Transformation Edit

  • "Venus Planet Power, Make Up!"

Weapons and Items Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Venus Lovely Breakup
  • Love Heart Defibrillation
  • Beauty Heart Lock
  • Aphrodite Dynamite

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