Super Smash Sailor Moon is a Japanese shoujo anime and the main fan-series by Eurovisionprecurefan herself. This is the fan-made sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal and features Sailor Moon as she creates a 'Sailor Senshi School' where a new range of characters came to educate.

Plot: Edit

Born in Minato like her predecessor, Maria Watanabe is a energetic but childish 13-year old who loves to eat pizza, meets a popular cool teenager her age named Sonia Aohoshi, who is a bit clumsy and they become roommates within the Sailor Senshi School. Together they met Kira, the daughter of Luna, and Maria and Sonia transform into two Super Smash Sailors: Sailor Mario and Sailor Sonic, and these two girls will destroy forces of evil. However like Sailor Moon did with the Inner and Outer Senshi, they have to let other sailors join them, which they did with Sailor Pikachu, Sailor Samus, Sailor Link, Sailor Kirby and Sailor Mega. Together all seven of them formed the Super Smash Sailors.

Characters: Edit

Maria Watanabe/Sailor Mario (渡辺マリン/セーラマリオ):

Sonia Aohoshi/Sailor Sonic (青星ソニア/セーラソニック):

Kimiko Kaminariko/Sailor Pikachu (雷子キミコ/セーラピカチュ):

Sabrina Kukangawa/Sailor Samus (空間サブリナ/セーラサムス):

Kagina Maeda/Sailor Link (前田鍵奈/セーラリンク):

Mamé Ōdenki/Sailor Mega (大電気マメー/セーラメガ):

Nina Kumoyume/Sailor Kirby (雲夢ニナ/セーラキルビ):