The Chronicles of Sailor Moon is a crossover between Sailor Moon, and The Chronicles of Riddick, a series of Science-Fiction action films from Universal. It is set during Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action adaption of the anime's first story arc, and a prequel to Riddick: Rule the Dark, the upcoming third film in the Chronicles series. It will be published exclusely to fan 


With Riddick  as the new Lord Marshall, he leads the Necromongers the way he wishes and he helps his army reach the Under-verse. Meanwhile on Earth, Usagi, and her friends fight the Dark Kingdom from finding the Silver Crystal When Riddick, and the Necromongers arrive to Earth. Riddick is betrayed by Lord Vaako, Riddick is stranded in Tokyo. He later encounters the group while in a street fight in his necromonger uniform with necromonger daggers. At first, he is percieved a enemy the senshi attack to no success. He later works with the senshi, against a Necromonger/Dark Kingdom alliance 


Richard B. Riddick: Outlaw that is an expert killer and fighter. He can use anything as a weapon. He has a eyeshine he gained in a prison called "Butcher Bay" and is leader of the Necromongers. He can deduce the actions of certain events.

Usagi/Sailor Moon: Leader of the Sailor Senshi. She question Riddick's methods of defeating enemies.

Lord Vaako: Male main antangonist that betrayed Riddick and wants to be the Lord Marshall

Queen Beryl: Female main antangonist that is the leader of the dark kingdom